The Sign Carver: Celebrating 22 years of Craftsmanship

Photographed: A hand carved wooden sign for African Kirikara Arts & Craft, Hout Bay

Other Work

The Sign Carver takes on a wide variety of other projects, including architectural elements, and sculpture restoration as well as furniture restoration.

Architectural Elements

For the ultimate personal touch, you can introduce hand carved wooden design elements right into the features of your home.

The Sign carver occasionally collaborates with Interior decorators when a project requires a touch of subtle sophistication that only true craftsmanship can deliver.

Interior designers enjoy the freedom of being able to choose any pattern under the sun and the warm scent of hand carved wood simply oozes luxury into a home.


Architectural elements in a home, by the Sign Carver



When antique furniture or beloved plaster sculptures get damaged, they lose their value and their charm.

Don’t toss them aside or try to replace them. Instead, call on the Sign Carver to restore these treasures to their former glory.

With a careful eye and attention to detail, The Sign Carver is able to replicate and restore even the finer details and embellishments .


Restoration of plaster sculpture by the Sign carver

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Who is the Sign Carver?

A Graphic designer by trade, Ivan Hunter bravely left the humdrum of his advertising career in 1994 to pursue his passion of sculpture and carving. In the transition from pixels to woodchips, Ivan showed great talent and craftsmanship and eventually decided to launch the Sign Carver business.

Since then, the Sign Carver has never looked back and this year, we celebrate 22 years in this exciting trade.

The Sign Carver lives by his mantra "Follow your joy" and by the looks of it, he's always happiest amongst a pile of woodchips.

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