The Sign Carver: Celebrating 22 years of Craftsmanship

Photographed: A hand carved wooden sign for African Kirikara Arts & Craft, Hout Bay

Carved Wooden Signs

The Sign Carver takes on a wide variety of projects, great & small, and approaches each new project with passion & the utmost attention to detail.

Carved Wooden Signs

Our hand carved wooden signs have a timeless charm that never goes out of style.

Whether you have a taste for simple elegance or decadent detail, the Sign Carver beautifully crafts each wooden sign with care and precision, delivering a high quality product that is very durable.

Our outdoor signs are durable enough to mature gracefully while other signs are fading and crumbling in the harsh African sun.


Crail Cottage - Carved Wooden Signs

Crail Cottage, Cape Town


The Sign Carver uses three methods for Lettering

  • Incised (engraved) lettering
  • Relief lettering where background is carved away
  • Lettering painted on a flat surface

The Sign Carver has many lettering styles for you to choose from including a wide range of scripts and flourishes, serif and sans serif typefaces and Old English, Old German as well as whacky scripts, Hebrew, Eastern and Cyrillic scripts.

Types of Signs

  • Large wooden signs
  • Wall mounted signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Swing Signs
  • Double sided Signs
  • Timber Post Signs
Shop signage for African Kirikara by the Sign Carver

African Kirikara Arts & Craft, Hout Bay

Why should I choose a Carved Wooden Sign?

There is an unmistakable crafted feel as each sign is carved with hand held tools.

The Sign Carver has made beautiful hand carved signage for:

  • Restaurants, Vineyards & Pubs
  • Libraries, Businesses & Shop fronts
  • Hotels, Game Farms & Guest Houses
  • Schools, Churches & Synagogues
  • Private Residences, Holiday Homes & Yachts

The Sign Carver lovingly crafts each wooden sign with care and precision, delivering a high quality product that is durable and beautiful.

Groot Constantia barrel sign, by the Sign Carver

Groot Constantia Estate, Cape Town

Signature Signs

A carved wooden home sign is your signature, it speaks of your appreciation of craftmanship and quality. Each sign is carved with hand held tools, achieving a classic look that a machine cut sign simply cannot match.

Whether for a Guesthouse, hotel, restaurant, game farm or private residence the Sign Carver has skills and knowledge to design and manufacture something totally unique; a signature hand carved sign for which you will be recognised and remembered.


Swaanswyk House - Carved Wooden Signs

Swaanswyk House, Tokai


You are free to choose any finishes for your sign, including:

  • Black or dark stained lettering / elements, on light wood finish
    This is the most affordable of the engraved signs.
  • White or light painted letters on a dark wood finish
    This has an elegant classical look.
  • Painted Signs
    With the signboard in a light or dark paint and a contrasting colour in the lettering and decorative elements.
  • Gold and silver leaf
    Gold and silver leaf can add a high quality and striking effect to lettering and decorative elements
  • Plain varnished
    For a subtler look, it’s interesting to note that a carved letter casts beautiful shadows, and will catch the light even when a sign is unpainted.
  • Faux aged
    From time to time, clients prefer an aged look and the Sign Carver is able to give signs a naturally distressed look, by using a combination of scouring, lime washes, wood stains, as well as a few other secret tricks to achieve the desired effect.

they really are stunning!

We adore our new Rocketbar & Tree House Eatery signs. Thank you so much – they really are stunning!

Silvermist Mountain Lodge & Organic Wine Estate, Cape Town

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Who is the Sign Carver?

A Graphic designer by trade, Ivan Hunter bravely left the humdrum of his advertising career in 1994 to pursue his passion of sculpture and carving. In the transition from pixels to woodchips, Ivan showed great talent and craftsmanship and eventually decided to launch the Sign Carver business.

Since then, the Sign Carver has never looked back and this year, we celebrate 22 years in this exciting trade.

The Sign Carver lives by his mantra "Follow your joy" and by the looks of it, he's always happiest amongst a pile of woodchips.

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