The Sign Carver: Celebrating 22 years of Craftsmanship

Photographed: A hand carved wooden sign for African Kirikara Arts & Craft, Hout Bay

Coats of Arms

The Sign Carver takes on a wide variety of projects, great & small, and approaches each new project with passion & the utmost attention to detail.

Coats of Arms

A Coat of Arms is a symbol of history and honour, and hand carved, becomes a precious family heirloom to be treasured & handed down the generations.

An ideal gift, it represents the importance of family and tradition: This craft is becoming ever rarer in our fast paced world.

The Sign Carver has made Coats of Arms of all sizes for Wine farms, University residences, Schools and families.

You can choose to have your Coat of Arms carved in wood or cast in cement resin or bronze.


Family Coat of Arms hand carved by the Sign Carver

The Lee Family, Pretoria

Types of Coats of Arms

  • Carved in wood with plain wood finish (varnish)
  • Carved wood with colours and metal leaf
  • Carved on an oak barrel end (plain finish)
  • Carved in hardwood (suitable for outdoors)
  • Cast in cement one off (suitable for outdoors)
  • Cast in bronze (suitable for outdoors)
  • Multiple copies cast in cement, resin (indoors) or bronze

Marine Corps Emblem

A cultural foundation for your business

The Sign Carver has made beautiful Coats of Arms for:

  • Families
  • Wine farms
  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • University Residences

The Sign Carver beautifully crafts each Coat of Arms with care and precision, delivering a high quality product that is very durable.


The Fourie Family, Weltevreden Park

An Ideal Family Gift

Owning or giving a gift of a beautifully hand carved Coat of Arms shows your appreciation for a craft that is becoming rarer in our fast paced world, an item made lovingly by hand.

The Coat of Arms is a symbol of history and honour, a family heirloom to be handed down to future generations. It is a valuable and prized symbol to someone who values their culture and family origin.



The De Witt Family, Johannesburg

they really are stunning!

We adore our new Rocketbar & Tree House Eatery signs. Thank you so much – they really are stunning!

Silvermist Mountain Lodge & Organic Wine Estate, Cape Town

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Who is the Sign Carver?

A Graphic designer by trade, Ivan Hunter bravely left the humdrum of his advertising career in 1994 to pursue his passion of sculpture and carving. In the transition from pixels to woodchips, Ivan showed great talent and craftsmanship and eventually decided to launch the Sign Carver business.

Since then, the Sign Carver has never looked back and this year, we celebrate 22 years in this exciting trade.

The Sign Carver lives by his mantra "Follow your joy" and by the looks of it, he's always happiest amongst a pile of woodchips.

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