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  • Wine Barrel Ends

    Wine Barrel Ends

    Hand-Carved Heraldry on Authentic Oak Wine Barrel Ends Our barrel-end coats of arms are uniquely crafted by Ivan Hunter, with meticulous hand-carving on authentic oak wine barrel ends. The use of oak wine barrel ends adds a touch of history and character to these exquisite pieces, as they bear the marks of their previous life…

  • Pride of the Highlands: Scottish Clan Crests

    Pride of the Highlands: Scottish Clan Crests

    Celebrate Your Scottish Heritage with an Authentic Clan Crest Scottish clan crests are a time-honored symbol of pride, honor, and tradition. These distinctive emblems represent the heritage and legacy of Scottish clans, which have played a significant role in Scottish history and culture for centuries. Each crest is a unique work of art that embodies…

  • Custom Hand-Crafted Shield Heraldry

    Custom Hand-Crafted Shield Heraldry

    The Timeless Symbolism of Shields in Heraldry The shield is one of the most iconic and enduring symbols in heraldry, serving as the canvas upon which coats of arms are displayed. Throughout history, shields have been used as a means of identification, protection in battle, and as a visual representation of noble or knightly status.…