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Hand-Carved Wooden Signage

Our hand carved wooden signs have a timeless charm that never goes out of style.

Signature Signage

Carved wooden signage is your signature, it speaks of your appreciation of craftmanship & quality. Each sign is carved with hand held tools, achieving a classic look that a machine cut sign simply cannot match.

Signature Signs

Honoring Heritage and Tradition

Whether for a Guesthouse, hotel, restaurant, game farm or private residence, the Sign Carver has skills and knowledge to design and manufacture something totally unique; signature hand carved wooden signage for which you will be recognised and remembered.

Whether you have a taste for simple elegance or decadent detail, the Sign Carver beautifully crafts each wooden sign with care and precision, delivering a high quality product that is very durable.

vintage shop signage

Signature Signs

The Sign Carver has made beautiful hand carved wooden signage for:

The Sign Carver lovingly crafts our wooden signage with care and precision, delivering a high quality product that is durable and beautiful.


We generally use three methods for lettering:

We have many lettering styles for you to choose from including a wide range of scripts and flourishes, serif & sans serif typefaces. 

shop signage


You are free to choose any finishes for your wooden signage, including:

Black or dark stained lettering / elements, on light wood finish
With the signboard in a light or dark paint and a contrasting colour in the lettering and decorative elements.
For a subtler look, it’s interesting to note that a carved letter casts beautiful shadows, and will catch the light even when a sign is unpainted.
White or light-painted lettering / elements on a dark wood finish. This has an elegant classical look.
Gold and silver leaf can add a high quality and striking effect to lettering and decorative elements.
We are able to create a naturally distressed look, by using a combination of scouring, lime washes, wood stains, and a few other secret tricks to achieve the desired effect.
The Signcarver

"There is an unmistakable hand crafted feel as our wooden signage is carved with hand held tools."

- hand carved Craftsmanship Since 1994 -

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Meet Ivan Hunter

Each piece is hand-carved by Ivan Hunter, who brings his expertise & passion to every detail of the carving process.

hand carved Craftsmanship
- Since 1994 -

What our clients say

We came across this beautiful sign when we bought our guest lodge in 2013. It turns out that the sign was put up in 2008 - back when Tom & Enid Knight were the owners.

The Sign Carver did an outstanding job. The sign is amazing in that it has not aged or needed maintenance, even after all these years. There's joy in seeing real craftsmanship outshine the pretenders of today.
Johan & Jenny
Knightsbury Luxury Guest Lodge
Ivan has created a beautifully crafted sign and we have enjoyed using it at Stellenberg over the years, and the woodwork has weathered well.
Stellenberg Gardens
Cape Town
We adore our new Rocketbar & Tree House Eatery signs. Thank you so much – they really are stunning!
Silvermist Mountain Lodge & Organic Wine Estate
Cape Town
The craftsmanship, quality and style is excellent and they really do add interest to the character of Annies House Romantic Getaway. The delivery was made on time, exactly as promised. I recommend your service and expertise to anyone who is looking for a professional to create bespoke signs without hesitation.
Annie’s House Romantic Getaway, Hartebeespoort
"We are happy to share that our beautiful Whichaway Camp signpost is holding up well and still looking good. Our sign has managed to remain in great condition, despite enduring extreme winds, snow and below zero temperatures - it’s makes for an instagram selfie moment that our guests and staff just love."
Luke Brauteseth
Whichaway Camp, White Desert, Antarctica
The Signcarver

If you have an appreciation for the unmistakeable hand crafted feel of quality workmanship that has become ever rarer in our fast paced world, then you have come to the right place.

Signature signs

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WHy choose us

With 30 years of craftsmanship, our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and personalized approach make us the ideal choice for those seeking unique & meaningful pieces of art. 

Hand Carved

Each item is lovingly crafted with hand held tools, achieving a finish that machine cut materials simply cannot match.

Custom Made

Everything we make is custom designed & original, made according to the client’s specific style & preferences.

Durable Finish

Our outdoor signs are durable enough to mature gracefully while other signs are fading & crumbling in the harsh African sun.

30 Years of Experience

The Sign Carver has been carving professionally since 1994. Not sure which material to choose? We will happily advise you on the best application to suit your particular project.

Frequently asked questions

Signs can be painted on inexpensive wood or hand carved with decorative elements into rare timber or stone in a multitude of sizes, so the range is vast.

Up to 25 days to delivery, but everything is individually hand crafted so time estimate is indicated on the quote.

Yes, I usually do two or three designs with the quotation giving a choice of font and shape. You may also send your own designs.

Because it’s my passion – and there is an unmistakable hand crafted feel that just can’t be matched by machine cut signs. Our wooden signage is carved with hand held tools.

I use durable hardwoods (meranti, mahogany or Iroko) for outdoor signs. Wood for indoor signs depends on the colour required and could be oak, mahogany (reddish brown) or basswood (cream almost white).

Signs can also be carved in stone or cast in resin, cement or bronze.

There’s a wide range of fonts, from script & decorative fonts to serif & sans serif typefaces. While designing, I can give a choice & advise which is more suitable for the project at hand.

Occasional dusting with a clean paintbrush 2” inches (5 cm) wide should suffice. The corner of a damp cloth should be sufficient to remove any specks or droppings.

I use durable hardwoods for exterior signs & durable exterior sealants.

Our outdoor signs are durable enough to mature gracefully while other signs are fading and crumbling in the harsh African sun.

And when they do start to show signs of ageing, they are easy to maintain.

I will include instructions for the easy maintenance of a wood sign.

Yes. Delivery in South Africa is via Postnet or a freight company. Overseas deliveries are via DHL and include a Rentokil (fumigation) certificate.