Wooden Signs and Wood Carving

Established in 1994, the Sign Carver offers a signage medium that says ‘who you are’, as well as ‘where you are’. The first impression and subliminal message given by a hand-carved wooden sign at the entrance to your home or business makes an important statement about who you are, your sense of style and your attention to detail.

Hand Carved Signs

Beautifully crafted hand-carved signs are best able to project certain images, be these, for example, of an ethnic, classical or unique feel. The Sign Carver designs and produces signs that reinforce your image or brand. For these reasons, imaginative, decorative signs are gaining in importance. The Sign Carver’s work was inspired by the Cape Cod, Nantucket, and New England signage style that is popular in the northeastern United States.

Our Products

In our almost 17 years of operation, we have made interior and exterior signs for:

  • hotels, guesthouses, B&B’s and wine farms
  • toy shops – dimensional boutique and childrens’ wear signs
  • ice cream parlours and pancake dens
  • restaurants, coffee shops, curio shops,  gift shops and pubs
  • game farms, and hiking trails.

Some of the types of signs we have produced are:

  • directional signs, parking area signs, no smoking and smoking area signs.
  • faux antique signs, house and holiday cottage signs, boat signs, quarterboards and other nautical carvings
  • carved wine barrel ends  used for awards or decoration

Other types of custom signage that we make are:

  • Golf course signage
  • Wine estate signage
  • Resort signage

We model clay to make casts in concrete and resin of:

  • coats of arms and crests
  • architectural elements
  • cement signs

Furthermore we carve:

  • running patterns for framing and decorative elements for furniture
  • chair backs, skirting for chairs and tables, ball and claw and cabriole legs, and many other details for furniture
  • room names, room numbers and key blocks for tourist accommodation

We also carve in timber or slate; memorial inscriptions and religious verses on benches and plaques in many different scripts and languages. In addition, we manufacture church service information boards and make carved Tree of Life murals for synagogues.

Our Work: